IMA Asset Managers LLC, is a New Mexico Limited Liability Company – The LLC was established in 2008. The company was established solely for the purpose of managing third party properties. It is not a real estate holding company.

By utilizing over 40 years of real estate experience and 20 years of commercial banking experience across the USA and leveraging informational and technological resources IMA provides comprehensive and accurate real estate services that allow our clients to maximize their profits. Our services include asset management, project development, landlord representation, tenant representation, property management and receivership. We are fully versed in managing and restructuring complex ownership structures including Tenants In Common (TIC) Properties and can facilitate rolling up TIC properties to take advantage of the current lending environment.

We have the ability to identify market trends, and analyze properties during the ownership cycle of real estate which allows our clients to consistently plan to meet their short term and long term financial goals. Today’s real estate environment provides for tremendous opportunities for property owners to unlock value and maximize profits.